3Bay Sporthorses

3Bay Sporthorses Summer Camp

3Bay summer camp is an opportunity for students to learn horse care and horsemanship in a fun, safe, hands-on environment. This includes all facets of horse care: how do horses think, how to tell if a horse is sick, how to make them better, parts of the horse and tack, how to protect and wrap the horses' legs and why, different ways to exercise horses, observing horses in their natural environment at work and play, how and why horses wear shoes. Your child will learn to groom and tack up as well as how to give a horse a bubble bath. Students will experience the day-to-day operation of a stable and what it takes to care for horses. Schedule permitting, we will be able to see a live demonstration from our farrier!
Students are able to ride for at least one hour per day and will have an opportunity to watch more advanced students in the ring. And on Fridays parents are invited to watch what their children have accomplished over the past week.

 Students should bring a brown bag lunch plus snacks and lots of water and cold drinks. For safety reasons students must wear a closed-toe shoe with a 1/2 inch definable heel and jeans or riding pants.

Please contact us for prices and to reserve your space:
email 3bayinfo@gmail.com

Phone: 713.249.8317